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韓国,中国,日本の挿肘木に関する研究(その2): 挿肘木の機能について

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崔ゴウン. “韓国,中国,日本の挿肘木に関する研究(その2): 挿肘木の機能について.” 日本建築学会計画系論文集 68, no. 565 (2003): 343–47.

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Sashihijiki forms a part of a bracket system supporting beams, rafters and eaves, It has long been considered as an imported element from Fujian province, southern China. This paper intends (1) to elucidate how Sashihijiki functions in Korea, China and Japan, and (2) to contrast how its functions differ from each other. It is found that the provenance of Sashihijiki appears to be different in each country. With this comparison, it is found that Korean Sashihijiki has a different root while Chinese and Japanese have the same one.

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Title: 日本建築学会計画系論文集

Language: Japanese (English abstract)

Volume: 68

Date of Publication: 2003

Pages: 343-347


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