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祁英濤, 杜仙洲, and 陳明達. “兩年來山西省新發現的古建築.” 文物參考資料, no. 11 (1954): 37–84, 161, 2, 5–36.

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Title: 兩年來山西省新發現的古建築

Title: Liang nian lai shanxi sheng xin fa xian de gu jian zhu

Title: Liangnianlai shanxisheng xinfaxian de gujianzhu

Author: 祁, 英濤

Author: 杜, 仙洲

Author: 陳, 明達

Author: , Yingtao

Author: , Xianzhou

Author: , Mingda

Author: 英涛,

Author: ,

Author: ,


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Title: 文物參考資料

Title: Wen wu can kao zi liao

Title: Wenwu cankao ziliao

Language: Chinese

Date of Publication: 1954

Pages: 37-84, 161, 2, 5-36


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